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Kerstin Dahlberg New CD

Kerstin Dahlberg New CD

Billy Yates and Kerstin Dahlberg = True. Billy liked Kerstins Voice and sent  her a few songs. Kerstin and the band participated and changed the titlesong a little and now it is released. The new single kalled ”Next Day after you” released september 2013. It will soon be found on youtube and if you want to purchase the single in real. Write a mail to and she will let you know how to do. Lots of love!

  July 2013: Time again for a new Festival ”American Country Festival” in Upplands Väsby, Stockholm Sweden. Three shows in two days with me and Country for you, With Cina Samuelson and the band and finally a show with ”Three Chicks” Me, Cina and Karin Risberg together in harmony and so much fun! Such a weekend. Love to you all!


The Ultimate Country Cruise  What a great Cruise! We (Three Chicks – Me, Cina Samuelsson, Karin Risberg and the wonderful band  had a great time with a fantastic audience and with all the musicians on the ship! One of the best weekends ever  – thanks to everybody involved!

SCC Countryfestival in Silkeborg 2011. I´ll be back this year too – Just great! I will sing together with Cina Samuelsson and behind us are my band ”Country 4U” so we will have a great time. Come and meet us on Saturday august 13 at 2 pm on the main stage. See you there! /

12 – 13 March 2011 ”The Ultimate Country Cruise” Ms Viking Cinderella, from Stockholm to Finland and back. A Cruise filled with Country-lovers and artists – Great Fun! I will sing with two wonderful and talanted friends: Cina Samuelsson and Karin Risberg. Together we are ” Three Chicks” he Band is fantastic – the very Cream of musicians.

The first weekend in July 2011 I will sing with my own band ”Country 4U” at Lida Countryfestival (outside Stockholm). It will be great to be back – and for the first time with my ”own” wonderful band!

The weekend after that (July 7-8) we will all go to Norway – To Vinstra Countryfestival. It will be great – there will be thousands of happy people and happy musicians – inkluding us!!


2010-08-09  Scandinavian Country Club Silkeborg 7/8 -2010

Finally we  had  two amazing gigs at SCC Silkeborg with my new band Country4U. Standing ovations and huge response frpm the audience. I also sang a duet with Bibbi and her band Chick ‘n’ Roosters on the Main stage. Bibbi sayed that I am the reason she sings country, and to finally stand at the same stage and singing along with her was incredible fun.
A wonderful weekend with a lot of great singers like Carlene Carter, Pam Tillis and Wendel Adkins, to name but a few.
Many thank’s to Jytte, Snif, Bibbi and everyone else!
I Love Ya All

2010-04-01  I performed in Northern Nashville Countryclub i Caithness, Scotland,  together with Red Jenkins!A wonderful festival in the north of Scotland, where everybody was involved in some way. The whole village (Which looked like Harry Potters environment). At least 1000 sitting-  and dancing – people every day and they sang along with all the songs. Wonderful people – wonderful place!

2010-07-02 LIDA Countryfestival

performed with my beautiful singing buddies: Cina Samuelson & Karin Risberg, together we are called: THREE CHICKS. It was be wonderful fun! The band consists of the elite of Swedish countrymusic artist, no one named – no one forgotten, with Thomas Haglund as a conductor! All of it is because of  Tommy Lövgren!  (who runs the festival) He heard us all singing at Avesta Theatre at last year’s Christmas show and got a crazy idea that we could put together something in. We laughed happily and thought it was a fun but crazy idea …… How could we arrange that?  We live all over Sweden and had no time to see eachother undtil showtime. We all had to rehearse at home and just put it together the same day. A challange! Now we know we made it and it  feels almost unnecessarily funny! Thanks Tommy – we sang a little extra for you but we sangfor everyone else too! Sweet!